Good Practice Guide

The NEPSI Good Practice Guide provides practical information for industries working with materials containing crystalline silica to improve workers’ health protection progressively over time.

The guide provides a basic introduction to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) and more detailed information on dust control measures and management guidance for specific industries and tasks.  The Good Practice Guide is a comprehensive resource for employers and employees working in the silica industries, available online and downloadable for free:

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About the Guide

The adverse effects of RCS pose a serious health hazard to producers and workers dealing with materials containing crystalline silica. Companies have a legal and moral obligation to protect employees against the potential health effects caused by occupational exposure to RCS. 

The objective of this guide is to give guidance on the proper management and safe use of crystalline silica materials in the workplace and support companies to ensure the necessary safety provisions.

The NEPSI Good Practice Guide provides information applicable to at least 15 different industries that work with and process materials containing crystalline silica. The full list of industries can be found on pages 9–16 of the Good Practice Guide.

The information within is the result of a multi-sector collaboration and exchange of existing knowledge on how to manage crystalline silica safely.

The NEPSI Task Guidance Sheets

The NEPSI task guidance sheets are printable work aids that provide practical guidance for employers and employees when working with materials containing crystalline silica.

Each guidance sheet provides information for employers to ensure that their workspaces are adequately designed, equipped and safe to use when carrying out work processes. For employees, each guidance sheet features a checklist of ‘good practices’ that, when implemented, reduce exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) for many common work activities.

The specific task guidance sheets are each relevant to a specific industry sector (e.g. cement, ceramic, glass, etc.). Some are relevant to multiple sectors. The relevant industry sector is indicated at the foot of the task guidance sheet as an acronym. The full list of sector acronyms can be found here.

The task guidance sheets are organised into categories – General, Specific and Management. Please follow the link below to learn more.

Introduction to Task Guidance Sheets

Note to User

The Good Practice Guide, updated in October 2020, concentrates on the most significant aspects of dust management in the workplace. Although detailed, it is not exhaustive. As a result, the document is advisory in nature and not a replacement for national guidelines and regulation.

Users of this guide are advised to consult occupational health professionals and other experts for all matters concerning the control of respirable crystalline silica in each specific workplace. The Good Practice Guide is a dynamic document and subject to amendments.